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Frequently Asked Questions Topics by Category

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🔑 General Website Issues

Broken Links, Missing Information/Features
➜ Broken Links

If you've found a broken link on this site we'd very much appreciate if you could let us know!

Please use the form above; it's very helpful if you could describe what you were trying to do when you encountered the broken link so we can track it down and fix it!

Report a Problem

➜ Website Layout Broken

This website was designed for the latest versions of Desktop web browsers excluding Microsoft Edge.

If you find parts of the site don't work as you'd expect them to or look very messed up first use Ctrl/Cmd and F5 to refresh your browser.

If that doesn't work please use the report form above to let us know what device you're using (i.e. phone, tablet, laptop etc) and ideally which browser app (i.e. Safari, Google etc).

➜ ,a href="#report">Report a Problem

➜ How to Log In

Provided you have a Twitch account you can simply click the Login option on the main menu. Authorize via Twitch when prompted and then you will be able to use the various features here on this site

We do NOT get your Twitch password or any non-public information about your Twitch account. Please see our Privacy Policy for details.

Twitch Help: Creating an Account

🎁 Rewards

Twitch & Website Rewards, Reward Credits
➜ Catching Pokemon on Twitch

Pokemon spawn automatically on any Pokemon stream, during other streams you can spawn them by redeeming the channel reward Pokemon Lure. Pokemon will spawn until the Lure expires (15 minutes)

To catch a pokemon, redeem the channel reward Throw Pokeball. Catching the Pokemon will depend on the following:

  • If someone else throws a valid pokeball before you, they might catch it first
  • Rarer Pokemon are harder to catch (just like in the games. Upgrading your Pokeball improves your catch rate
  • How much time is left before it runs away, the rarer the Pokemon, the less time they stay on screen for and the faster you need to be throwing a ball
  • You can only catch each Pokemon ONCE. So if you throw a ball but already have the Pokemon that has spawned, your throw will remain in the queue until a Pokemon you don't have shows up on stream

    Thrown balls do not expire until you have completed ALL entries in every generation of the Pokedex, at which point our web server will clean up all outstanding throw redemptions and your channel points will be returned to you

    Channel Reward: Activate Pokemon Lure

    Channel Reward: Throw Pokeball Channel Reward: Activate Pokemon Lure

    Website Reward: Upgrade Your Pokeballs

    ➜ Canceling a Reward Request

    Rewards redemptions where we carry out work to fulfill it, can only be cancelled whilst they are still pending. Once the stream is done, or the Pokemon overlay has been made etc, you won't be able to cancel it and no refunds will be available except under extremely exceptional circumstances at our discretion.

    Details can be found via the View/Manage Your Previous Redemptions link which accompanies each Reward that costs reward credits. Where a reward can be cancelled/deleted it will offer the option on the Previous Redemptions page, and credits are automatically refunded on Rewards which are deleted/cancelled

    Delete your Move House photos

    Delete your Video Slide Messages

    View & Manage your Stream Requests

    View & Manage your Unlocked Things to Throw at Shambo

    ➜ Can't Redeem a Reward

    Under the current system your total credits does not reflect how much you've spent on individual rewards. Rather it's how much you can spent on each reward type - minus any credits you've gifted to other people

    For example: if you have ♡8000 credits and redeem 8 game request hours, it will show that you can't redeem any more game requests, even though your total credits is still ♡8000 and much or all of that will still be available to spend on other reward types

    This system is due to change in 2022, and credits then will function like money, once they're spent on any reward type, they will be gone, and we're confident it will be easier and much less confusing!

    To see what you've spent on each reward that costs credits per redemption, click on the 'View Your Previous Redemptions' link provided with each Reward. You can also find a comprehensive list of all your spent and earned credits on your Settings page to help you understand where your credits come from and where they have been spent

    View Your Reward Earnings & Redemptions

    ➜ How Reward Credits are Calculated (New System)

    As of the start of 2022, reward credits are issued based on the rate of ♡1 for every 1 penny we actually receive

    This means that the amount of credits you receive will depend on how much Twitch decides to keep, the exchange rate between dollars and pounds minus all additional fees.

    The exception is that if people donate directly via this website, we will not deduct the fees, because it's the best way of supporting Shambling Incompetence and therefore we want to encourage people to do that!

    Donate to Shambling Incompetence

    ➜ How to Get Reward Credits

    There are various ways you can get our Reward credits. You can earn credits when you cheer Bits, subscribe to our Twitch Channel, gift a subscription to someone else on Twitch, and for direct donations via Kofi.

    We also offer free ways to gain credits; taking part in various competitions and community events can earn you credits

    Earning Reward Credits

    ➜ How to Claim Rewards

    Once you're logged in, hit up the Rewards section via the main menu. There are some rewards which are available to everyone, some are available only to contributors via our Reward Credits scheme which gifts people who contribute to our Community via financial support and/or participating in our competitions and community events

    If a reward has additional requirements, it will be described on the Rewards page

    Each reward has instructions of how to claim is. See the Rewards page for details

    Redeem Our Website Rewards

    ➜ Missed a Request Stream

    If you've requested a game for Shambo to stream but missed the stream for whatever reason then unfortunately we can't offer a refund on your spent credits, however you do have 60 days after the stream where you can watch the stream VOD on Twitch

    Shambling Incompetence: Past Stream Videos on Twitch

    ➜ Why do I have less Reward Credits than I used to?

    Reward Credits are issued based on the rate of ♡1 for every 1 penny we actually receive

    This means that the amount of credits you receive will depend on how much Twitch decides to keep, the exchange rate between dollars and pounds minus all additional fees.

    Our system changed at the start of 2022 and all previous contributions were re-calculated to reflect what we actually received.

    We have also gotten rid of our old confusing system that allowed people to spend the same pool of Credits repeatedly on different rewards.

    Now Reward Credits function like money, so your balance represents the Credits you have left over after all the Credit cost of rewards you've redeemed

    Repeated notices were issued about this change here, in our Discord and on-stream, so if you missed those, then we're sorry, but we did our best to ensure everyone knew the change was coming. In short, no refunds or adjustments will be made!

    Donate to Shambling Incompetence

    🌏 Join Shambling Incompetence

    Join Community Games, Volunteering, Discord
    ➜ How to Join our Voice Channel

    If you're taking part in a Community stream where voice chat is recommended/required then you'll need to join our Discord server

    Once you've joined, make sure you have a suitable mic/headset, select the Waiting Room voice channel shortly before stream starts

    We ask that you try and keep sources of sudden loud noises around you to a minimum whilst connected to voice chat (i.e. no screaming kids in the background please). Enabling push-to-talk is ideal if you're in a noisy environment.

    Beginner's Guide to Using Discord

    Join The House of Incompetence Discord

    ➜ Become a Moderator (Full Time)


    Our community is open to everyone but a significant focus is on supporting neuro-divergent viewers, so it's important our moderators are sympathetic to the broad issues this can raise. Patience, tolerance, maturity and calmness are a must!


    Timing out offensive/ problematic chatters, banning anyone who violates our community standards. Assisting chatters with use of channel rewards, website rewards, commands and other features by sending them to the appropriate links or otherwise informing them how to do stuff relating to the channel. Giving a shout-out to other Community streamers when they come into chat.

    Moderators are asked to input data for donations and stream hosts in a timely fashion (as these can't be automated), update counters for games that have them and process our Rewards queue when people redeem channel rewards like hats and glasses, which can't be automatically processed by our web server. An easy-to-use web portal is provided for doing these tasks. Moderators are also frequently asked to beta test new features/rewards

    We appreciate it if our moderators can lead by example making clips of standout stream events. You'll receive the same rewards as viewers for clips that make it to our break slide/clip contest selections, unless a viewer clips the same segment!


    Sadly we're very poor so we can't offer any money so instead we offer the following to our moderators in addition to our eternal gratitude!

    Free reward credits based on your general time and effort (something in the order of ♡100 to ♡4000 per month depending on how many streams you were able to moderate for, how busy it was, if you were the only active moderator etc)

    If you're also a Community Streamer, Shambo will make an extra effort to promote your channel as well as his own and Kat can offer her services free-of-charge for any artwork you would like for your streams/socials.

    You'll also get priority to join any Community streams and any suggestions you have for new channel rewards or other features will get pushed to the front of our queue (so long as we can a) make them work and b) we think they're a good idea!). Oh and there's a badge, of course, and moderators do get access to a handful of exclusive commands!

    Provided you're with us for at least 3 months in this position we are also willing provide a character/employment reference for any college/employment applications where useful/appropriate to you.

    Shambo's House of Incompetence Discord

    ➜ Join a Community Stream

    If you want to join Shambo for a particular community game, you'll obviously need the game in question installed. Please check out the Join Us section to see which platforms are supported for scheduled games.

    We highly recommend updating your game on the day before the Stream so you're ready to play from the start. We also encourage everyone to book a slot - you can find the booking form at the bottom of the Join Us page, so you definitely get a slot!

    Players of all abilities are welcome, but we do appreciate it if people can at least get the basic game controls down as Shambo can't really do live tutorials on-stream!

    Please note if voice chat is needed for a specific game. Obviously you'll need a working microphone if a stream requires voice chat!

    Join Shambo on Stream

    Book a Slot to Join a Community Stream

    🏆 Competitions

    The Lemon League, Clip Contest, Squad Goals
    ➜ How to Make Clips Outside of Stream

    If you missed a good moment in a stream which you'd like to clip for the monthly clip contest, simply load up the past broadcast of the stream, find the point in the video at the end of the bit you want to clip and clip it like you would normally during a live stream.

    Our system automatically detects all clips of the channel so all you need to do is give it a title

    If you want the clip to be considered for the pending month's clip contest, it must be of a stream which took place during the current month and it must be clipped before the month ends i.e. if the next clip contest is for September, the stream must have taken place during September and you need to clip it before midnight UTC on the 1st of October.

    Shambling Incompetence: Past Stream Videos on Twitch

    ➜ If Two People Post the correct Lemon Game Answer

    On rare occasions we've had two answers come in so close that to one poster their comment showed up first, however to us it showed up second and the other poster got the point

    In the event of this happening, whoever's correct answer shows up first on the VOD chat replay will get the point.

    Past broadcasts are available to everyone, so in this event you can check it out yourself at any point up to 60 days after the end of stream.

    Shambling Incompetence: Past Stream Videos on Twitch

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