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We have a few regular community streams where viewers are welcome to join us on stream. Upcoming community streams are listed below as well as in our schedule. All times shown are in UTC; unless you're somewhere else in the world and you've registered your time zone with this site:

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  • For access to lobby codes, passwords and our voice channel, please join our Discord:

    Please note that if a game is available on multiple platforms but crossplay is NOT supported, you'll need to confirm which platform is being used for specific streams - occasionally we are blessed to have the same game on more than one platform and sometimes this means different streams will be on different platforms! You can find this out via our Discord (link above)

    Farming Simulator 19 - Tuesday January 31 10pm

    Reserve an Invite to Join an Upcoming Stream

    Shambo will create a lobby called 'Incompetence Farms' at the start of the session. The password will ALWAYS be 'lemon'. Gameplay will NOT start until EVERYONE is in game and ready. Please note that Shambo usually plays on PC rather than PS4, it's recommended that you request this game if you want to join on PS4 and let us know in advance!

    Voice Chat Recommended

    You will need to be in the Waiting Room voice channel no later than 5 minutes before the stream is due to start

    💻 Open to 7 players

    ❌ Cross Play NOT Supported

    Pokémon Violet - Happening Today!

    Reserve an Invite to Join an Upcoming Stream

    Make sure you're connected to the Internet in-game, then Shambo will share the Link Code to join in. Enter the Link Code, then wait until everyone who's joining has joined.

    Voice Chat Optional

    You will need to be in the Waiting Room voice channel no later than 5 minutes before the stream is due to start

    💻 Open to 3 players

    ❌ Cross Play NOT Supported

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    Community Stream Rules: Code of Conduct

    Please note we do expect a reasonable standard of behaviour from those who take part in our Community streams; any attacking other players must be kept to the confines of what is appropriate to the game and must not consistently single out any one person. Any insults or taunting must be kept light-hearted, good humoured and must never be personal. We don't want anyone feeling uncomfortable or victimised. We run mixed ability streams often, so please don't take it too seriously or pick on players who are less experienced!

    If Shambo feels something you've said or done may have crossed the line, he'll ask you politely to dial it back. If people are repeatedly aggressive, rude or engage in bullying behaviour then he will exclude them from taking part in future streams.

    So basically...

    Here is the TLDR version...

    • Be kind - especially to less experienced players
    • Make sure people know you're joking around and not being mean
    • If you're advised that your behaviour is causing distress to others please LISTEN and ADAPT!
    • Don't take it too seriously!

    And lastly, our streams are intended for a MATURE audience. If you do happen to be under the age of 18 then don't tell us that you're under 18 and we won't have to kick you out!

    The option to book a slot to join a Community Stream is only available to Followers of Shambling Incompetence on Twitch

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