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Community Clip Contest

Back in 2020 we started a monthly clip contest where we'd put together a top 40 of the best clips created by our Community of Shambo's streams and then post them on Youtube. For various reasons too boring to go into the original format has been canned and from June 2022 the contest videos will be featured here on this very page of the website.

If you want to get involved then all you have to do is clip interesting/funny/stupid portions of Shambo's Twitch streams either whilst he's streaming, or from recent past broadcasts. All clips are automatically entered for the contest so you don't need to tell us you've made a clip or share it, although do feel free to share clips if you want to!

  • Rules & Prizes for the Clip Contest
  • Twitch Clips

    Earn ♡100+ for each clip that we use in a channel advert for Twitch or feature in our monthly contests. All other approved clips are used in our Stream break slide and they will net you ♡5 each!

  • Monthly Clip Contest!

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