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Twitch are Bastards...

As standard, even when the $100 threshold is met, Twitch takes 50% of subscriptions, 65% of gift subscriptions and the conversion cost of USD to not-so-great British Pounds is expensive. This is true of all small streamers, so keep this in mind when deciding how best to support your favourite content creators!

Our Rewards Shambucks system is changing from the start of January 2022 and among the other changes, all subscriptions and bits contributions will NOT receive Shambucks unless a payment is issued from Twitch the following month. Each transaction will have a review date, if we receive a payment on that date, your Shambucks will be issued to to you, if we didn't, then the review update will be rolled over to the following month and so on until we actually receive our share of what you've contributed.

Support Us Directly & Get More!

We are attempting to combat this problem by encouraging everyone to make direct donations. PayPal takes a standard one-off transaction fee of £0.20 per payment, plus 2.1% of the total, which is much more reasonable than Twitch's 50 - 100%!

This means under the new system, you are guarenteed to get Shambucks, and you'll get them much faster! You can also set up monthly payments using this option if you want to!

If you'd like to support us please log in so we can make sure we give your Shambucks to you once the transaction is complete!

How Many Shambucks do I Earn?

You get ♡1 per £0.01 we receive...

As noted above, our system is changing in the new year so Shambucks are issued based on actual earnings; by way of a thank you to those who donate directly via this website, you will continue to receive ♡1 for every £0.01 donated. So a £10 donation, for example, will earn you ♡1000 Shambucks. Simple!

For cheered bits, you can expect to receive around 70%, depending on the dollar to GBP exchange rate. So if you were to cheer 1000 bits in a 30 day period, you would get approximately ♡700 Shambucks a month later.

Subscriptions and gifted subscriptions, as noted above, have hefty fees applied and like bits, are also subject to currency conversion rates and fees. A Tier 1 subscription after fees, earns us around £1.40, so you would expect to get ♡140 in the new system once the payment threshold is met. Fees are higher on gifted subscriptions, so for a Tier 1 gift sub, the new credit rate will be approximately ♡100 depending on the exchange rate.

How with Shambucks Work

Unlike the old system, our new Shambucks system functions exactly like money, you can only redeem rewards you can afford, and once you've spent an amount on any reward, those Shambucks are gone.

For example: if you have ♡2000 total Shambucks and you spend ♡1000 on a request stream, you'll have ♡1000 left. Yeah, just like money!

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