Shambling Incompetence

Stranger: Reward Redemptions

Please note that under the new system, anyone who has spent more credits than they have earned will have their balance set to zero. Once the new system is in place you will need to acquire new credits in order to redeem rewards which cost credits.

Your current credit balance under the new system (which will be in place from the start of 2022) is as follows:

Spent CreditsAvailable Credits


The following is a summary of everything you have spent Reward Credits on. The 'old' system, which we are phasing out shortly, allows you to use up the same pool of credits repeatedly on different types of items. This can result in your spent total being higher than your total earned credits.

This system will be changing as of January 1st 2022 wherein credits will function more like money - once they are spent on any reward they will no longer be available to use on any other item.

⤴ Select the Credits Earned Tab above to see what credits you have received

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