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"I Went On The Internet And I Found..."

The following games are freebies or early access demos which have been featured in a Tuesday 'I Went On The Internet And I Found This!' Stream.

The idea behind these streams is to try out a variety of different free games and see how both Shambo and our community likes them! During each stream viewers will have the option to rate the game out of 10, in channel via the 'Rate This' channel reward or here on the website on the Polls portion of the Community Section

  • Rate The Games!
  • Games with positive reviews from the team and our community will be made available to request in up to 20 minute blocks as part of a future I Went On The Internet And I Found... Stream, or if they're really super, may be moved to the main Games Library (select the Library Tab below) where they can be requested in full hour blocks as part of the main schedule (with their own fancy custom overlay and everything!)

    No games currently available

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